DaurCom, one step solution for all your marketing and advertising problems

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Marketing refers to the identification of customer needs and then further determining the best way to meet those needs. Contrary to it, advertising refers to the promotion strategies of a company and its products or services using paid channels. One can say that advertising is a component of marketing. Talking about DaurCom, it is one… Continue reading DaurCom, one step solution for all your marketing and advertising problems

What’s your superpower?

Business Heroes - colored vector flat composition of cartoon characters. Make a great presentation with these caped business superheroes. Superpower, responsibility, efficiency, success, communication.

Traditionally loved jobs were the more preferred occupations one wanted to have. Our parents gave us examples of our neighbour’s son studying at a prestigious institution who landed a job at one of the biggest MNCs.  Cut to 2015. When I started working for a media agency, my parents couldn’t understand how we made money,… Continue reading What’s your superpower?

Importance of Communities and Conversations

A business cannot exist within society if it does not contribute to the needs and requirements of its consumers. Businesses need to give back to society just as much as the resources it takes. Therefore, a business strategy called community marketing and conversational marketing becomes significant for its growth and expansion.  Community lays out the… Continue reading Importance of Communities and Conversations