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Global marketing spending is estimated to surpass $1.3 trillion in 202, with digital marketing accounting for $306 billion of the total. Are you confused about where to spend your marketing dollars this year to obtain the most return on investment?

Global marketing spending is estimated to surpass $1.3 trillion in 202, with digital marketing accounting for $306 billion of the total. Are you confused about where to spend your marketing dollars this year to obtain the most return on investment?

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use marketing agencies to assist them to answer that issues and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

If you want to work with the greatest marketing agency, you must first understand what a marketing agency does and what services it provides. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “What is a marketing agency?”

What is a Marketing Agency?

Let us begin by defining the “marketing agency.” Marketing agencies, also known as marketing companies or marketing enterprises, help customers execute and manage marketing operations and strategies in order to achieve their company’s goals.

What is DaurCom?

DaurCom is a new generation marketing agency that helps you to fast grow your Business and make a position in a market. DaurCom is a one-stop-Solution for companies wishing to solve all of their marketing and advertising issues through culturally oriented communication, a strong strategy that emphasizes the building of communities and connections through discussions.

DaurCom is a place where you can forget about all of the problems that have emerged as a consequence of a certain aspect of your marketing plan, and where you will be constantly directed to combat each obstacle with all of your focus. It uses marketing to increase your reach and authority, providing you with a better grasp of how to make your dreams a reality.   

DaurCom is your one-stop solution for your all marketing and advertising needs. We take care of all parts of your marketing [branding, advertising, social media marketing, and so on].

Marketing is the process of analyzing client desires and then deciding on the most effective way to meet those requirements. Advertising, contrary to common assumption, refers to a company’s paid-for marketing strategies for its goods or services. Marketing is a term that can refer to both advertising and marketing.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to operate in a way that benefits not just us, but also society as a whole. To harness the power of creative minds and cutting-edge technology to develop online and offline communities in every possible specialty. We aspire to bring the world closer together by building communities.

We value creativity and innovation in all we do, pushing each other to new heights and believing in what we do. Our approach is one-of-a-kind and unconventional. We prefer to take an unusual approach, looking at and doing things in novel ways. Our goal is to build communities and bring people together who have a genuine interest in any sort of art.

Our main idea is to transform brands into BRANDS by giving them a distinct personality. We believe that everyone and everything, from individuals to organizations, has the potential to bloom and become something amazing in their own right. We like providing as many alternatives as possible to our clients, as well as developing and refining those options. Leaving aside the entrepreneurial mindset, our purpose is to showcase and depict the future generation of leaders.

Our services- 

  • Digital Marketing

We create and evaluate digital strategies, as well as execute effective campaigns, to help your business thrive both online and offline.

Using a clever strategy, we will create a long-term action plan to optimize the effect of your advertisements.

We help our customers successfully communicate their products and services to their target audience via digital channels.

DaurCom - Digital Marketing
  1. Social Media Marketing 
  2. Search Engine Optimization 
  3. SMS Marketing 
  4. E-mail Marketing 
  5. Search Engine Marketing 
  • Consultancy

It’s not always straightforward to figure out what you should do next. That’s where we’ll be able to assist you. We’ll dig deep into your business, interact with your consumers, and take you on a collaborative journey to help you reach your goals, whether you want to review your current digital performance, verify a product concept, or outline your strategic plan.

We assist our customers in successfully communicating their products and services to their most relevant audience via internet platforms.

  1. User research & testing
  2. Customer experience audit
  3. Competitor reviews
  4. Technical audit & strategy
  5. Persona development
  6. Roadmap strategy
  7. Maximize lifetime customer value
  8. Reputation management
  9. Image and brand management
Image and brand management
  • Content Marketing

We understand how to convey tales on the internet. We’ll collaborate to generate these tales, present them in the most effective style, and distribute them to the proper audience. A blog, an influencer campaign, or a video series might be used. We can help you with the following content marketing tasks:

  1. Editorial strategy
  2. Content creation (written and visual)
  3. Editing
  4. Content distribution
  • Leads Generation 

Your lead is a potential consumer who is interested in your product or service. Lead generation may be divided into several marketing activities that correlate to the customer’s purchasing path, such as driving traffic to the company’s website, converting visitors into leads, and then converting those leads into customers.

  • Website & App Design & Development

Make sure your website isn’t just another URL on the internet. We may assist in making it a great marketing tool for attracting new consumers.

Your website is a representation of your brand and has a significant impact on your customers. We ensure that you make a great first impression on your clients.

  1. Creation
  2. Optimization
  3. Administration and Management
  4. Development (out of the box)
  5. Website Redesigns and Migrations

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